About Workshops

The Studio

     The first thing to know is that I am passionate about fine art printmaking and teaching other people about it. I've been doing this in a variety of settings for over 30 years. Workshops at the Marty Epp-Carter Studio are small in size; no more than 6 students, so you will get very personal instruction as well as the comradery of other folks learning the same thing. You do not have to know anything about printmaking for most of the workshops; they are geared toward all levels of learners. (Some are specifically for adults and some for children.) 

     The next thing to know is that while all workshops can be taken independently, some of the techniques build on others, so there could be benefit to taking them in a particular order.  See each individual workshop description for suggestions. (Workshop listings are in progress here and more content/details will be added soon. They are listed in chronological order as you scroll down.)

     And last, I'm also available to teach privately, both adults and children.  Interested folks should speak with me directly as I am still determining the details for this.