In 34 days I'm retiring from the teaching job I've had for almost 12 years.  I love my students and I'll miss them dearly.  I admire and respect my Visual Arts Department colleagues and I'll miss them and being part of that amazing work family.  But it's time.  My head, heart and body know that it's time for me to get back to the work that completes me; my studio work.  So as we move through the last few weeks of the semester, I'm looking forward to going to the studio when I can carve out a few hours to do so.  Until June 1st when the Big Change begins. If you are interested in making a studio visit any time of the year, however, please just call and make an appointment.  864-423-8728.  I'd be happy to meet you over there and talk art.  Y'all are a life line and my art is not complete until you've seen it.  I love you all.